Legal Notice DE

Legal Notice

It is explicitly pointed out that the treatment methods introduced within the scope of these therapy procedures are not necessarily part of the generally accepted methods recognized within conventional medicine.

All statements made regarding chacteristics and results, as well as indications of the therapy procedures presented, are based upon findings and experiences from the respective form of therapy and must not be interpreted as healing guarantees. No guarantees are made as to healing results. Any form of use is made at the user’s own risk. Everyone is responsible for his own body, health and mind.

The content (text) and information provided do not represent scientific publications and require that the user and interested reader shall use common sense  and sound judgment.

Advertising statements are subject to legal scrutiny.

Federal Network Agency in Germany

The Federal Network Agency in Germany requires the following information to be provided:

The Federal Network Agency issues permission for use only with personal privacy protection. 

This is deemed necessary since the equipment lies within the same range as amateur (ham) radios and may be subject to interference. Our Operating Instructions  indicate that the equipment must be used with protective measures as required by the official network operator, which is the case here. We request that you heed this order and use the euqipment only with the appropriate protection.

Additional information can be found in the operating instructions.