General Terms and Conditions

1 Scope of Application

The present general terms and conditions (AGB) define the relationship between Wassermatrix AG, 6343 Rotkreuz and its customers and distribution partners.

2 Offers

Any offers over the internet or by advertisement are non-binding, and shall not be considered binding offers. All product information, product photos, technical specifications, accessory links on the internet or in advertisements are provided without guarantee, the determining factor being the specifications published at the time of purchase.

3  Prices

All prices are quoted without value added tax, transport cost and/or other legal fees. We reserve the right to technical modifications, errors or printing errors. The price on the order date is the valid price.

4  Payment / Reservation of Ownership / Shipments

With advance payment the order is released and the desired merchandise transferred as soon as the respective payment has been received.

If there is decreased availability of goods this may lead to a waiting period of approximately 4 to 5 weeks for an order.

If subsequent changes are made by the buyer which must be taken into account, additional costs resulting from this change will be billed.

Wassermatrix AG shall retain ownership up until full payment of the selling price (incl. all added fees) has been received for shipped articles. Pledging, transfer by security, processing or modification is not permissible without explicit consent.  

5  Returns and Exchanges

Returns and the right to exchange are not accepted. Wassermatrix AG does not have to give reasons for accepting or refusing an exchange. Any exchange is made on a good will basis on the part of Wassermatrix AG and does not support a legal claim.

6 Guarantees and Warranties

The legal 2 year warranty obligations apply from the date of purchase. The customer agrees to examine the merchandise immediately upon receipt for accuracy, completeness and intact condition. Any flaws in the merchandise must be reported to Wassermatrix AG as soon as possible, or within no more than 10 calendar days after receipt.

Moreover, we issue a manufacturer’s guarantee for all of our equipment and accessories, determined on an individual basis.

Improper handling and/or operation, placing the hand-held probe on the equipment or breaking the inner or outer seals, renders any warranty claim invalid immediately.

Maintenance and repair work on the equipment must be performed by the manufacturer only. Please contact our distributor for warranty items, who will be able to assist you, or inform you if your equipment must be sent in for repair.

Please do not send equipment prior to obtaining agreement. For returns under warranty please include the invoice/receipt.

The following is excluded from the warranty (not the final list):

  • Generally parts subject to wear and tear
  • Normal diminished battery function and illuminants
  • Damage from faulty manipulation or mechanical damage, dropping or impact damage
  • Excessive use or commercial use, defects due to intervention or modifications
  • Modifications made to the object, operating mistakes
  • Natural disasters, such as frost, lightning strikes, etc.
  • Non compliance  with the maintenance- and operating instructions

In the event of a replacement, the warranty period is reduced by the repair time only.

A warranty does not apply when the sale was made by a non-authorized dealer without the required operating instructions.

7 Liability

Claims for damages based on loss of service, breach of contract, indebtedness at the finalization of contract and/or unauthorized activity cannot be made against Wassermatrix AG and its agents or representatives, and are entirely out of the question, as long as there is no unintentional or gross negligence involved.

Liability for indirect damage and consequential damage resulting from use with faulty performance or failed performance is excluded. In warranty situations the customer cannot make damage claims for consequential damage, in particular.

If a shield is recommended for the equipment, the user of the equipment must follow such recommendation at his own expense. If the equipment is no longer usable due to legislative changes no refund claims can be filed against the manufacturer or distributor.

8  Disclaimer

This is not medical equipment – The manufacturer does not guarantee healing or relief from health issues or illnesses and is not liable for ineffective or improper use. All statements made about the properties and effects, as well as indications of the proposed use are based upon findings and experiences from individual tests and usage and must not be interpreted as healing promises. No promises of healing results are made. Any form of use is at the individual user’s own risk. The responsibility for one’s health, body and soul rests with each individual. All information provided in the user instructions were published on the basis of best knowledge and belief. It is possible that the present user instructions may contain printing errors or flaws. The information in these user instructions is regularly checked, with corrections made in the next edition. Technical errors or printing errors are not subject to liability.

9  Privacy and Data Protection

Wassermatrix AG is committed to comply with the general privacy- and data protection regulations. The data provided by the customer is treated confidentially and used for business processes and advertisement.  The customer may request information concerning personal data from Wassermatrix AG and, if necessary, demand correction of personal data.

10  Final Clause and Jurisdiction

Our commercial activity and relations with Wassermatrix AG is based exclusively on Swiss Law. If any point of these terms and conditions is rendered ineffective, it shall not affect the remaining terms.

Jurisdiction: Risch / Switzerland

Status: 04/29/2021